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Learn HOW TO DO MAGIC With 12 EASY TO DO TRICKS That You Can Perform In MINUTES Without Leaving Your Home! 

Hey there... It's Jay Jay

I'm About To Teach You OVER 7 HOURS Of Awesome Magic!
"As a pro magician for over 15 years with 50+ Million YouTube Views it's time to teach you my favourite tricks. Inside this video course you'll learn 12 MIND BLOWING effects that I've used to impress, entertain and engage people from all around the world. 

Join me and get unlimited access to live performances, step by step explanations and extra advice as I take you behind the curtains and teach you the secrets that have given me the opportunity to meet new people, network with celebrities, travel the world and make new friends. 

And now, you can do the same!"
"I Wish I Had This When I Started. So Good!"
Petey Majik
Magician & Actor
Let's See Exactly What You Get Inside The HOW TO DO MAGIC Course. 
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Card In Mouth
The Biddle Trick
Balloon Swallow
Coin Under Watch
Happily Ever After
Sponge Balls
Rip & Restored
Back To Back
Ink & Paper
Let's See Exactly What You Get
Watch A Short Preview Below
With Detailed Video Tutorials
The Performances
See Each Trick In Action With LIVE PERFORMANCES
Each Pro Magic Live video comes with a Live Performance so you can see what it should look like when performed to real people. Watch the presentation, subtleties and audience interaction so you'l know what to do when it comes time to perform.
The Secrets
Learn each effect step by step so you won't miss a single thing. See all of the moves, subtleties and secrets with two different camera angles and discover each new phase of the routine in detail. There's no chance you'll be making mistakes with this.
The Pro Tips
Take your magic even further with these random extras that you won't want to miss. Theses are secrets you wouldn't normally know and will make each trick you perform seem like you've been doing it for years.
The BEST Magic Course Online With Tricks That Will BLOW ANYONE'S MIND
That You Can Learn And Do Today!


Every trick inside the How To Do Magic course is beginner friendly and easy to perform. 


Learn each trick in just minutes NOT hours with simple to follow instructions from Jay Jay


Break the ice, start a conversation, become the life of the party or make new friends!
Plus You'll Also Get 3 FREE Bonuses When You Order Today
Valued At $29.95. YOURS FREE!
Free Bonus #1
CURRENCY: Magic With Money!
Imagine being able to take a normal $5 Bill from anyone, fold it into small pieces and INSTANTLY make it change into a $50 Bill. Included FREE!
Free Bonus #2
ARM TWIST: Freaky Street Magic
As performed on TV by David Blaine this illusion is prop free! Twist your arm around 360 degrees until your audience screams. Included FREE!
Free Bonus #3
BANDITS: Super Easy Rubber Band Trick To Impress
Perform impromptu close up magic with rubber bands that happens inside the spectators hand. As seen on TV by David Copperfield. Included FREE!


  • CARD IN MOUTH: Make A Signed Card Appear Folded Inside Your Mouth With This Feature Magic Trick
  • THE BIDDLE TRICK: Make A Card Vanish From Your Hands And Re-Appear Inside The Deck 
  • BALLOON SWALLOW: Swallow A Whole Balloon And Push It Down Your Throat In Just A Few Seconds
  • COIN UNDER WATCH: Make A Coin Disappear And Re-Appear Under Someone's Watch!
  • HAPPILY EVER AFTER: Two Signed Cards Fuse Together Into One Inside The Spectators Hand
  • MILLIONAIRE: Make Money With This Instant Bill Change From 5's to 20's or 1's to 100s. Anything Is Possible.
  • VOODOO: Form A Thought Of Card Onto Your Hand Out Of Ash And Fire. This One Is Crazy!
  • SPONGE BALLS: Disappear, Change, Appear Red Balls In This Classic Routine That Everyone Loves.  
  • RIP & RESTORED: Tear & Restore A Random Card And Instantly Change It To The One A Spectator Chooses
  • BACK TO BACK: Find A Selected Card Mixed Between Face Up And Face Down Cards. Impossible.
  • ​INK & PAPER: Read Minds Using A Random Book And Guess The Word Someone Thinks Of. 100% Accurate.
  • SOUR: Perform The Classic Chop Cup With A Surprise Kicker Ending When A Lime Appears. Completely Impromptu.


  • CURRENCY: Change $5 To $50 With Just A Few Turns Of The Bill. People Will Absolutely Love This One!
  • ARM TWIST: Twist Your Arm 360 Degrees Before You Snap It Back Into Place. A Freaky Illusion.
  • BANDITS: Learn The Classic Rubber Band Trick Performed By David Copperfield On TV.
  • INNER CIRCLE: Get Life Time Access To Our Private Facebook Group With A Community Of Magicians


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Frequently Asked Questions
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 Is this for Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced?
How To Do Magic is for everyone. The effects taught are easy to learn and tricks that you can use in your repertoire over and over again. With a wide range of effects from cards to money to mentalism this is perfect for any level.
Who Is The Performer and Teacher?
Inside How To Do Magic you'll learn from Jay Jay. One of the top magic teachers online with over 50+ Million views on his YouTube channel Free Magic Live. As one of Australia's top performing magicians who's worked professionally all over the world for the last 15 years, you're in good hands.
What Is Pro Magic Live?
Pro Magic Live is an online training centre that produces magic tricks for beginners or for  those looking to become a magician. These effects work in all situations and are guaranteed to get amazing reactions from spectators every single time. How To Do Magic is Pro Magic Live's flagship product with over 7 hours of magic tricks, tips and more. 
Do You Offer After Sales Support?
Yes. If you have any issues or need to get in touch simply email our team at or visit our help desk here. We'll get back to you as soon as possible or within 48 hours. We're here to help so be sure to get in touch with any questions. 
Free Magic Live VS Pro Magic Live?
There is a big difference between the two. Free Magic Live teaches simple and fun magic tricks especially created for the absolute beginner or novice magician. Pro Magic Live on the other hand was created to teach more advanced effects and nicer routines that he mostly uses in his professional repertoire. It's the really GOOD stuff that the pros use.  That's the difference.
How Do I Receive My Tricks?
When you order How To Do Magic you'll get access to our exclusive private members area where all of your videos will be available to watch on any device. Upon purchase, we'll email your login for 24/7 access.
Are You Ready To Do Magic?
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