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As a professional magician for over 12 years with 50+ Million YouTube Views it's time to teach you my favourite tricks. In this video course, you'll learn the secrets behind awesome magic that's easy to do and simple to learn. But don't be fooled... these tricks pack a punch your audience won't forget! Click HERE to see what you get or scroll down below...
"I Wish I Had This When I Was An Amatuer. So Good!"
Petey Majik
Magician & Actor
12 AWESOME Magic Tricks!
Straight Out Of My Professional Set
Card To Mouth
Happily Every After
In Control
Sponge Balls
In Between
Coin Under Watch
Rip and Restored
Back To Back
Ink and Paper
(That's under $3 per trick).
Inside The Secret Area
Learn Everything You Need To Become A Pro
The Secrets
Learn each effect step by step so you won't miss a single thing. See all of the moves, subtleties and secrets with two different camera angles and discover each new phase of the routine in detail. There's no chance you'll be making mistakes with this.
The Performances
Each Pro Magic Live video comes with a Live Performance  so you can see what it should look like when performed to real people. Watch the presentation, subtleties and audience interaction so you'l know what to do when it comes time to perform.
The Pro Tips
Take your magic even further with these random extras that you won't want to miss. Theses are secrets you wouldn't normally know and will make each trick you perform seem like you've been doing it for years.
Plus 5 FREE Bonuses!
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Free Bonus #1
OBSERVATION: A Trick Card To Amuse Minds
Included With Buy Now and Free Trial
VALUED at $12.95

Free Bonus #2
CURRENCY: Magic With Money!
Included With Buy Now and Free Trial
VALUED at $12.95

Free Bonus #3
ARM TWIST: Freaky Street Magic
Included With Buy Now and Free Trial
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Free Bonus #4
BEHIND THE MAGIC: What The Pro's Don't Tell You
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Free Bonus #5
BANDITS: Super Easy Rubber Band Trick To Impress
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Here's What You Get...
 All 12 Pro Magic Tricks
Get All 12 Effects Right Now with Unlimited Access to the members area to watch in full HD

- Live Performances
- Step By Step Explanation
- Extra Tips, Sleights & More
Free Bonus #1 - Observation
Make A Pre-Selected Card Change Color and Faces To Selection
 Free Bonus #2 - Currency
Magic With Money! Everyone loves that.
 Free Bonus #3 - Arm Twist
A freaky street magic trick to get twisted.
 Free Bonus #4 - Behind The Magic
What the pro's wont tell you.
 Free Bonus #5 - Bandits
An impromptu rubber band trick thats super easy to do.
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Unlimited Access to protected members only area

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Questions Answered
What Is Pro Magic Live?
Pro Magic Live is an online training centre where you’ll learn the same effects used by the pros. Tricks that Jay Jay, other professional magicians and even those on TV use in their professional repertoire. These effects work in all situations and are guaranteed to get amazing reactions from spectators every single time. When you sign up today you'll become an official member and get access to our members area where you can watch or download all of our videos. 
Can I Cancel My Free Trial Anytime?
Yes. If at anytime during your free trial you'd like to cancel simply send an email to support (at) promagiclive.com (replace with @).  If you do decide to stay like most of our customers we'll send you a new magic trick (filmed in HD) every single month until you cancel or complete the 12 months. Additionally, if you want the best deal you can choose the buy it now option to SAVE BIG and get all 12 tricks added to your members area right away.  Bargain!
Who Is The Performer and Teacher?
Inside Pro Magic Live you'll learn from the #1 magic teacher online with over 100,000,000 youtube views on his YouTube channel Free Magic Live.  And has been featured as one of Australia's top performing magicians who's worked professionally all over the world for the last 10 years. You're in good hands.
 Is this for Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced?
This is primarily for the intermediate to advanced, however it is a great place to start as a beginner. The effects taught within Pro Magic Live are ones you would keep in your repertoire and use over and over again. Why learn bad magic tricks when you could be learning the best.
Free Magic Live VS Pro Magic Live?
There is a big difference between the two. Free Magic Live teaches simple and fun magic tricks especially created for the absolute beginner or novice magician. Pro Magic Live on the other hand was created to teach more advanced effects and nicer routines that he mostly uses in his professional repertoire. It's the really GOOD stuff that the pros use.  That's the difference.
How Do I Receive My Tricks?
When you sign up today and register you'll get access to our exclusive private members area. Each month when a new video is featured we will send you a link via email of if you buy now you'll have access to all 12 tricks right away.
Need Help? Email us at support@promagiclive.com
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